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DIY Surface Extractor

I have a surface dirt/film problem already on my new 
29G tank, and I do not wish to use the "Molly 
Solution" (though it does work great in my 60G) 
because I don't want black mollies in this tank.  I 
think most of the crap on the surface is dust from 
the Flourite because I didn't rinse it. (I know, 
hindsight blah blah)  

So, I looked into getting a surface extractor.  The 
Eheim unit seemed like a good idea, but after reading 
some reviews, I decided it wasn't worth the $$.  
Furthmore, I read Ivo Busko's excellent DIY surface 
extractor article on The Krib -- 
http://www.thekrib.com/Filters/Busko/ -- and decided 
to build my own.

So, the question -- has anyone tried to build one 
besides Ivo?  If Ivo is reading this, are there any 
design adjustments / improvements you would advise?  
Any advice is appreciated.