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Re: What type of plant to hide a filter?

    I'm going to combine replies, so I hope no one minds...

    The dimensions are 12" long x 6" wide x 8" high.  With the substrate,
the total height works out to around 10"+/- which means any plant getting
larger than that will need to be trimmed.  I do have a layout diagram with
an inch grid but don't know how to put it on the web. (Ah the joys of
working with antiquated machinery hodge-podged together...)
    I must say thanks to everyone for all the suggestions on and off list!
I think what I'm going to try doing is a combination of several
suggestions... first moving the filter so that it will be positioned on an
angle almost on it's side (but not on it's side hopefully min. lost
substrate space) along the rear bottom, allowing the water current to flow
from left to right vs. front to back.  Surrounding that will be a piece of
round cork bark, carved until it's as thin a shell as I can make it without
compromising integrity.  This will then have several holes and slots
drilled/dremmeled, sawed into it in inconspicuous places, be siliconed into
place and planted.  I'm thinking the 'Windelov', regular java fern and the
African Fern there.  (Have the two, lack the third, I will e-mail you Chuck,
my LFS has very few of them and those are one root in the grave!)
    I tried to put the large rock in front of the filter... doesn't work.
It's just too large and ends up scratching at the glass.  I have tried the
Java Fern in front of it... it got bolstered about way too much until gave
up the ghost.  Is the African fern (bolbtis) tougher than the Java Fern?
That might work in front of the cork bark along with other plants... hmm...
I do believe I'll e-mail you off list! ;-)  I think the Giant Hygro would be
too large as this is about 3"w x 8"h space that needs to be covered.  A
shame as it's a lovely plant!
    The filter is a bit of a mystery unfortunately.  It is sold at my LFS
with the little so-called "Palm Aquariums" though it is not made by the same
company.  The writing is all in what I'm guessing is Japanese, right down to
the barcode!  It was the smallest they had and it does a lovely job at
keeping things clean though.  As far as I can tell there is no way to turn
down the flow on it though.

Amanda Mason
Charlotte, MI
cascade at arq_net