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RE: E. 'compacta'

Thanks for the input, everyone.  I'm a big fan of crypts and I know they
are a more appropriate choice considering my space parameters, but
maaaaaaaan!  I wanted something different for a change.  I already have
a bronze wendtii and a lutea in there, so I thought the contrast of the
sword with respect to both leaf shape and color would be a welcomed
addition.  I also figured it would provide some nice overhang/shade for
the black neons that are already residents and for the apistos that are
to come.  Uh, if the truth be told, I went out last night and purchased
a compacta...just to spite YOU ALL! ;-)  Maybe I'll hang on to it for
awhile, maybe I'll swap it back for <sigh> another crypt.  

Steve B.
Sunny San Jose, CA where the blizzard
of '02 has finally passed.