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Setting up new tank

Jen & Andre wrote:

> I am setting up my new 66 gallon.  [The] tank and stand are a 
> little irregular with each other so that the ends of the tank are 
> in the air a little bit (1-2mm). I put some no-slip rubber matting 
> under the tank to disperse the weight... does that sound like
> enough? Is this too much stress for the tank? Will it settle?

The water alone in a 66 gallon tank will weigh over 500 lbs.  I don't
know that there's much danger in overhanging your stand by a few mm on
each side, but it would make me nervous enough to cut a piece of plywood
at least the size as the tank's footprint and place it on the stand.  A
half-inch of closed cell styrofoam between the plywood and the aquarium
will provide heat insulation and will deform to accomodate any
irregularities in the surfaces.  I haven't a clue what the value of
no-slip rubber matting might be - it takes a lot to make 500 lbs slip!
Michael Rubin ~ San Francisco
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