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Setting up new tank

I am setting up my new 66 gallon. I have a very small amount of laterite to
put in (@2 cups), and plenty of silica sand to cover it. I am planning to
add easy grow plants like amazon swords, ludwigia, jungle val, maybe a
lotus. Is it necessary to get more laterite/fluorite? (I can't find fluorite
around here) What about mixing cat litter? Could I mix silica with laterite
to make it go farther, then cover it up with more silica? Maybe I'm worrying
over nothing since I'm not getting sensitive plants? I'd like to hear what
people have to say... If laterite+cat litter is recommended, how deep?

Also, the tank and stand are a little irregular with each other so that the
ends of the tank are in the air a little bit (1-2mm). I put some no-slip
rubber matting under the tank to disperse the weight... does that sound like
enough? Is this too much stress for the tank? Will it settle?