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Setting up new tank

I guess my description was a little ambiguous, the tank stand is larger than
the "footprint" of the tank, but the stand top is not completely flat,
causing a gap under the tank on either end (on the front) and in the middle
(on the back). The no-slip mat wasn't put there to keep it from slipping,
but to help disperse the stress points (it's squishy). I wanted to avoid
styrofoam because it would be seen under the tank and would be an eyesore. I
was never concerned about this sort of thing when I set up the 33 gallon,
but I had heard something about "stress points" in passing and would like to
know if it's a real threat for a tank this size.

I have the rubber mat doubled under the middle (back) and tripled under the
ends (front) to give more support, but the mat is pretty flimsy. Anyone
think this will be safe? Anyone think otherwise?