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Re: setting up new tank

Jen wrote,
"Also, the tank and stand are a little irregular with each other so that the
ends of the tank are in the air a little bit (1-2mm). I put some no-slip
rubber matting under the tank to disperse the weight... does that sound like
enough? Is this too much stress for the tank? Will it settle?

I have always tended toward overbuilding so I was amused by this aquarists
creative approach to supporting his tank
http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?username=aspiringamano  in "my
Album" check out the first pic, "55g full tank shot".  The picture is of a
tank that is slightly longer than the stand.   I would be hard pressed to
choose this as a stand out of concern for lateral support (i.e. if it was
bumped at the end would the coffee table rack?  I suppose if you don't have
teenage boys in the house......

I should say that my amusement was not at the aquarists expense, but rather
my own as it relates to my tendency toward building aquarium stands that
give new meaning to deforestation issues and could support a Mac truck.  Be
sure to check out the other pics on the site, this person has some very nice
tanks!  And a very nice DIY stand.

Jay Reeves