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White Surface Film

I have a white film growing on the surface of my planted tank and I was
wondering if anyone has more information on this topic. I recently
searched the archives and my conclusion is that there is not a definite
answer to this issue yet. It is definitely not algae, nor is it an
oil-slick as this complaint seems to be quite common to planted tanks.

I have noticed a few common trends with these white film complaints in
the archives. There is some suggestion of a bacterial culture growth
possibly due to feeding of excess fatty foods, which I MAY be guilty of
lately (frozen bloodworms). There is also a suggestion of a linkage to
excess iron which allows this growth to happen (I dose iron as well, but
monitor it regularly). Finally, I noticed that several of the past
complaints were also on DIY yeast systems, as is my aquarium.

Does anyone out there have more definitive information about this
condition and how to control it, other than blasting the surface with
filter turbulance which will gas-off all the precious CO2? Are there
fish which will eat it? Are there conditions for growth which can be
altered to control it?

Thanks for your help.

Ed Dumas