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Phosphate Test Kit

John T. Fitch wrote: 

> I've been using a Seachem Phosphate Test Kit for about a year 
> now. [...  ...] So, my questions are: Do the reagents "expire" in as 
> little as a year, or is this test kit inherently inaccurate?  

Yes, and yes!  Phosphate kits also seem to be tough to read, although
that might just be me finally admitting to being middle-aged. <sigh>
> If the latter, does anyone have an opinion on which of the more 
> expensive Hach or Lamotte kits would be better?

I don't know which is better, but I've come to rely on the Lamotte kit.
The reagent comes individually packaged in vacuum sealed single-use
envelopes, and seem to remain fresh almost indefinitely.  I find that
the better kits often have a high intial cost, but that once the kit has
been purchased, refills of the reagents quickly bring the price-per-test
down significantly, and are usually cheaper in the long run, not to
mention more accurate!  Although I tried all kinds of different brands,
I eventually settled on the Lamotte Nitrate kit, the Lamotte Phosphate
kit, and the Hach Iron kit.  Each of these kits has become the standard
against which most of the others are measured.
Michael Rubin ~
Ҷ2)Ehztk*Zjeƭ