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RE: White Surface Film

> answer to this issue yet. It is definitely not algae, nor is it an
> oil-slick as this complaint seems to be quite common to planted tanks.

Yes, not an oil slick.  The oil from my fingers displaces the film.

> I have noticed a few common trends with these white film complaints in
> the archives. There is some suggestion of a bacterial culture growth
> possibly due to feeding of excess fatty foods, which I MAY be guilty of
> lately (frozen bloodworms). There is also a suggestion of a linkage to
> excess iron which allows this growth to happen (I dose iron as well, but
> monitor it regularly).

I had been dosing my 54 gal with 2 ml Flourish daily and 2 ml Flourish Iron
daily.  My iron level falls from 0.1 ppm after dose to 0.04 ppm after 24 h.
I had a very heavy white surface film.  Two weeks ago I got Flourish trace.
Now I dose 2 ml Flourish weekly, 2 ml Flourish trace daily, and 2 ml
Flourish Iron daily.  The Film has reduced by about half.  I wonder if the
vitamins in Flourish may promote the film growth.

> Finally, I noticed that several of the past
> complaints were also on DIY yeast systems, as is my aquarium.

I inject high pressure CO2 and still have "the film"

> Does anyone out there have more definitive information about this
> condition and how to control it, other than blasting the surface with
> filter turbulance which will gas-off all the precious CO2?

Just bought the Eheim surface extractor.  I think you need two inlets if you
have this on a high flow filter.  Don't know how my giant duckweed will
interact with this.

> Are there
> fish which will eat it?

My SAE and AES graze on it, but they eat anything.

> Are there conditions for growth which can be altered to control it?

I'm still looking.

Joe K

in Takoma Park, MD
(Are we the only ones not to get any snow yet?  I hear they got 5 inches in