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Re:grey slime

    * From: Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com>

I took a sample of the grey slime to the biology
department at school where it was identified as a
eukaryotic algae.  He didn't know exactly what species
it is, but I did get the number of a guy who might.
If anyone else would like a sample, the offer still
stands (Paul?).  Of all the people on this list,
nobody knows what kind of alga it is?  Tom Connors and
June Oberding (sorry if I got that wrong) both have it
in a tank or two, but no positive ID yet.  This stuff
really is the worst.

.........<portion deleted>...............


I have what sounds like this stuff, too, but my goo is a mixture of
cyanobacteria (bluegreen algae) with some green alge intermixed.  I find
that guppies clean it up quite thoroughly. Perhaps other livebearers would,
too.   Cavan, why don't you send me a sample of it and I will take a look
at it with a microscope.  I will send you my address offline.

For me, the stuff gets started in the mulm, which becomes green or grey or
blackish green, develops bubbles and rises in bits to the surface where it
consolidates into larger masses.  I have a hypothesis that it develops in
overfertilized tanks, and that, if I were to cut back on nitrogen and
phosphorus so that the plants are a bit hungry, it won't appear.  I am
setting up some new tanks, and I am going to be more sparing with N and P,
and we shall see if any develops.

Paul Krombholz, in cool central Mississippi, with only light snow forcast.
The heavier stuff is going to be to the south of us.  Rats!