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RE: CO2 Manifold options

In my post yesterday about lighting a 29G, I asked
about CO2 manifolds...  I was told by Edward from M3
that the M3 CO2 System deluxe that I have wouldn't 
work with the M3 Hex-Manifold, because "it is NOT 
easy to unscrew either the existing
needle valve or the solenoid valve from the assembly".  I do not want to have to buy a new regulator-- if I was going to do that, I wouldn't need a manifold, since I am only trying to hook up two tanks!

Anyone ever try to modify one of these (M3) systems to add a manifold?  Does anyone know the thread type that I would have once I managed to unscrew the existing needle valve?  I was thinking of trying the HomeDepot route to add a "T" and one new needle valve, as per the archive posts by Tom Barr and Erik Olsen.  Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. 

PS -- No one wrote back about my lighting a 29G post -- I heard from Pet Supply Liquidator -- they only have 6500K bulbs in 55watt.