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Re: grey slime

Ron and Paul, 

Ron's tank sounds a lot like mine in that his macros
seem to be in line.  When you say over fertilized
Paul, do you suggest that maybe instead of say, having
N at 5-10 and P at .5, that things be run a bit lower
towards deficiency levels?  (maybe 5N, .3P?)  My slime
first showed up when I hooked up my pressurized co2
and macro levels dropped, so I guess you wouldn't want
to go too low.  I'm experimenting with micro nutrient
levels now.  I think I may have been adding too much
Flourish (I can't compare Ron's micro levels, as I
have no experience with PMDD).  So far, there has been
less of the floating scum.  

I don't know if it's been that or the lower lighting
levels I created.  I know I should do one thing at a
time and wait to see the effect of each change, but to
me anyway, that's easier said than done.    

What has been really strange is that over the past
couple days, my tank has been eating way more
phosphate than nitrate.  We should all keep tabs on
how things go in our tanks.  This has to be the worst
alga of them all.  I no longer fear beard algae.  This
is much worse.  

Good luck to my fellow slime sufferers, Cavan  

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