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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1506

Daphne, et al....

Daphne Freeman wrote:
<<The plant went directly into my big tank, followed a
week later by all but the one shrimp in quarantine. 
Wouldn't it have wiped them out faster though?  This
has been going on for 2 weeks.  Found another dead
pink one this morning.>> 

If memory serves, you have a large show tank, right?
Something along the order of a 92 corner? My tanks
with the die off were *much* smaller and the toxins
much more concentrated. You probably just have the
same amount of junk going through a bigger system.

My biggest concern is that it was an algaecide that
was on/in the my plant because plant growth has slowed
considerably. The replacement shrimp are still alive
but not nearly as active as in my other tanks......All
this after about 300% of the water changed (not all at
once;). I may tear that tank down. 

If, indeed, your shrimp have been dying because of a
toxin it may take a while to run its course if it came
in off a big Aponogeton. Lots of storage space there!
Maybe try to get tham back into your quarantine to see
if the problem persists...

So, there is a lesson to learn here! Ask your LFS if
there are any preparations, like meds or algaecides,
in the tank you plan to buy plants out of. I won't put
LFS water in my tanks, either.

John Wheeler

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