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Re: reducing KH

> Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 14:16:04 -0600
> From: "George Deihs III" <GDeihsIII at msn_com>
> Subject: Re: KH
> If I want to reduce my KH, presently 15, will it respond
> proportionately to dilution with distilled or RO? In other
> words, if I take a gallon of KH @15 and mix it with a gallon
> of distilled KH @0, will I end up with 2 gallons of KH @7.5?
> I've got a 65g and plan to do 10 gallon water changes weekly
> with distilled, hoping to lower the KH a bit.
> George

You want to reduce the KH for the plants or for the fish you
have? If you are adding CO2 now, reducing KH will _not_ help the
plants. Having a good CO2 amount/ppm will. 
Yes adding 1 gal of 15KH to 1 gal 0 KH will give you 7.5 KH. You
still are going to need to test the KH so you can determine what
your pH will need to be if your using CO2.
Tom Barr

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