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Feeding plants in a Discus Tank

Hi everyone,
I have a 65 gallon tank that I have aquascaped specifically for a pair of 
adult discus I recently bought. They are breeders. The tank has CF light, CO2 
injection via controller and cannister injection. Fluorite substrate.

The tank has swords and lotus only. I want to keep the water very soft, maybe 
2 degrees GH/KH. I want a little buffer so I don't crash th pH. My water 
comes out of the tap with 
<1 degree GH/KH.

I have decent experience with discus and planted tanks separately but not 
together. I have always had discus in bare bottom tanks.

I want to stop using water column fertilization in this tank.  The plants I 
have are heavy root feeders, and I want to know if I can meet their needs by 
only substrate fertilization, such as Root Tabs or some other product? Any 
recomendations r/t root type fertilizers would be appreciated. Thnks for your