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Re: Light timers

I have been using the same timer for nearly a year, and it has worked 
fantastic for me.  I haven't had to replace the battery yet, despite 
frequent power outtages throughout the year (gotta love the California 
power shortage).  I really like that I can push a button and it will 
adjust the Daylight Savings Time on/off and that I can turn the lights 
on/off without messing up the programming if I need to fix or adjust 
something for a few minutes.  It displays the time while it's working.  
I think I paid about $35 for it at the local hardware store and it was 
worth every penny - although paying $15 less for it would be even 
better!  Not affiliated with anyone, just a happy customer.   :D

Christine Bennett
christine.bennett at usa dot com

P.S.  Thanks to everyone on this list!  With your help, the algae I had 
is quickly retreating and my plants are flourishing.  Kudos!  

Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 12:16:15 -0800 (PST)
From: "S. Hieber" < shieber at yahoo_com 
<http://k2.netaddress.com/tpl/Message/310KQCMGS/Editor?ToRec=iTo=shieber at yahoo_com> 
Subject: Light timers

Amazon is offering the intermatic programable timer (DT17C) for about
$21 bucks. It is often sold for anywhere from $32-$40. These are
reliable timers and when the power goes out, they maintain time and
program settings with a standard battery. If you want to run your
substrate cables on moderately frequent on/off cycles, these timers
will allow up to 14 settings per day or 98 settings per week.

If you're interested:


or just search for "DT17C" or "intermatic timer"

Scott H

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