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Hi to everyone,
> sorry to come in very late re. the AGA showcase. I' ve been 
on holiday and
> had no idea of what was going on in the meantime. And 
wow! what can I say
> it was great to have my entry voted as best of show 
aquascape. Yes I know
> it has been said a couple of times before but I' d like to 
repeat: Thanks
> a million to everyone involved or has contributed to make 
this year's
> showcase possible. Above all a big thank you to Erik Olson 
who encouraged
> me to keep on while I had problems with the internet, a big 
thanks also
> goes to Mr. Amano who turned me into an underwater plant 
lover. Thanks to
> Steve Dixon, Tom Barr, Roger S. Miller, Karen Randall, 
Diana Walstad, Paul
> Krombholz, Neil Frank and to all the others who share their 
> experience in plant keeping and tank maintenance on the 
APD. Many thanks
> as well goes to "Sears/Conlin" who supposedly put me on 
the right track
> with their famous paper when I found myself on the verge of 
becoming a
> plant and fish keeper some 18 months ago. Since then I 
have learned a lot
> from this list indeed. It is great to have all the expertise 
> Thanks again!
> Please feel free to contact me off list via AvPR at lycos_de
> Kind regards,
> Detlef

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