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Re: Micron Filters and Frequency of Maintenance

 Chris Warren said:

> The micron
> cartridge goes several weeks before it needs to be
> changed out.  IMO that isn't too frequent for filter
> maintenance.  

With a good canister or sump/trickle filter you might go several months
between changes.  The fineness of the "micron" medium is what causes
the high frequency of change in the Magnum.  The same effect can be
obtained (but why would you try?) by placing a lot of floss in an eheim
such that the floss is compacted when the head unit is in place. 

For a special purpose, one time polish, the diatom can't be beat -- it
captures the finest particles.  It's the best tool for the job of
cleaning "all" particles out of the water.  If your tank is "balanced"
well enough not to need polishing regularly, filter maintenance can be
a rarer task than every few weeks.  Of course, it doesn't have to be
rarer :-)

Scott H.

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