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Re: small plant tank inhabitants? and heating?

>>Heating ideas please?

  You could set it on a heating pad that is set on low.  This should
keep the tank in the high 70s to low 80s - pretty good for a betta.

>>Other than a beta, what might you guys put in this mini planted
>>tank?  I thought of White Clouds if I can't heat the tank, but they
>>are rarely available here.
  I'm not too sure how wide the tank is.  If it isn't more than 6", I
probably wouldn't go with anything except a Betta.  I kept a lone male
in one of those 4 gal. hex tanks.  He grew quite nicely.  If it's a bit
wider, maybe a few neons might look good.

>>I'm going to look at very small filters this weekend.  This tank 
>>has a little UGF with it, but I don't want to use that.  I'm thining
>>sponge filter may be about my only option.

  I'm thinking that if you have it planted, you won't need a filter. 
The movement of the fish and the heat from below will keep the water
moving enough for the plants.  And the plants would take care of the
bio load between weekly water changes.
  I think a Betta would be your best bet for a fish - or amybe a
paradise fish or dwarf gourami might work as well.  If you keep the
tank warm and add some live and/or frozen foods to their diet, they'll
be a nice lively fish.  But I wouldn't go with more than one fish of
this size.  You might be able to get away with about 3 or 4 small
tetras or rasboras instead.

Jason Miller

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