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Re: small plant tank inhabitants? and heating?

>     I'm going to look at very small filters this weekend.  This tank has >a 
>little UGF with it, but I don't want to use that.  I'm thining sponge >filter 
>may be about my only option.

If you don't have a lot of fish in it you can probably do OK with no
filter. Just use an airstone to provide some water movement. This works for
me with some *heavily* planted 20 gallon tanks that have low fish loads.

>     My biggest question is:  How do I heat this thing???  The hood fits 
>"seamlessly" so I can't use the heater I have which hangs on the back of a 
>tank from a clamp.  Heating ideas please?

Well, you might not need a heater if the space around your tank won't ever
get so cold as to cause problems. I have had good luck with the little
Hagen submersible 25 watt heaters for small tanks (they are OK on really
small tanks too -- they just won't stay on long when they cycle before
clicking off again). They have a "Thermal Compact" heater that is 6" long
that I use in 2.5 gallon tanks. It has a really good thermostat too, very
sensitive and easy to set and holds a tight temp. I'd make a little notch
in the back of the hood on your tank to accomodate the cord. If it's just a
plastic hood you could use a file to cut the notch.

>     My other question is inhabitants.  Other than a beta, what might you >guys 
>put in this mini planted tank?  I thought of White Clouds if I can't heat >the 
>tank, but they are rarely available here.
>      I await suggestions.

Maybe Neon Tetras or one of the other permanently-small tetra varieties?
You'll probably want a shrimp or algae eater and a few snails to keep
things clean too.


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