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Re: Diatom madness

--- Aquatic Plants Digest 
> Subject: Diatom madness
> About the diatom filters:
> Thanks everybody, for all your input. But hmmm...I'm
> still up in the air. I
> have ruled out the Magnum (lots of complaints on
> that one). 


I have been reading the replies on you DE filter
question.  I have 6 HOT Magnums that I use to
polish/mechanical filter my many tanks.  It is a great
little unit.  I only use them with the micron
cartridge.  I dedicated one to my big display tank. 
It is the only filter on this 55 gallon tank.  It
takes the DIY CO2 and mixes it into the water.  It
works great, there are fittings that can be used to
discharge the output under the waterline.  The micron
cartridge goes several weeks before it needs to be
changed out.  IMO that isn't too frequent for filter

Again, IMO DE filters are the wrong way to regularly
clear green water and if the HOT magnum (or any other
mechanical filter) is clogging in less than a week -
the filter isn't the problem.  Using a DE filter to
regularly clear green water is like using a bucket to
catch dripping gasoline from your car.  Fix the
problem - don't just treat the symptoms of the

Good luck with your new filter.  Any of the models
that you mention will work just fine to polish the

Warren, MI

newellcr at yahoo_com

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