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Filtration question

This weekend I noticed an increase in visible, floating particulates /
detritus in my 60 gallon tank.  The only filtration I have on the tank is an
Eheim 2213 canister filter with bioballs and floss.  I just cleaned the
filter 2 weeks ago, and I am wondering if this is enough for the tank?  I
had a powerhead with a Tetra Phas (big) sponge filter, but removed it a
couple months ago to have more room for plants.  Current fishload - 8 ottos,
12 neons, 3 corys, 9-10 small SAEs, 3 aggies, 3 AFFs, 4 black mollies.  Also
1 farowella.

My question really is, should I add another canister filter?  I've been
thinking that I need to increase circulation, but I don't want to take up
more room in the tank.  I have considered adding a sump to this system so as
to remove the heater and CO2 system from the display tank, but think the
expense and time might not be worth is for a tank this size.  

Comments appreciated.