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Re: Kati

>> I would suggest doing a more frequent dosing routine of K+. K will help
> your
>> tank greatly actually. TMG has it but you need more than what's supplied
>> there.
> I forgot to tell that i'm actually adding one tbsp of KNO3 weekly...thats
> also
> why of the high NO3 measurements.. i'll switch to the KSO4 it sounds like
> a reasonable tought.

You can vary your NO3 with KNO3 and the K+ with the K2SO4 **independently**
in this manner. Also PO4 using KH2PO4.
K+ is the favorite. Potassium carbonate can be used for KH also. Everything
has K+ in it as the cation.
Some folks do not want to bother with all of that and use something like
Yamato green etc or try to get by with fish waste alone.
You can use PMDD also.
I just tend to add them dry which is easy to get the levels I need(NPK and
traces). That gives enough control over the nutrients without being too much
>> What kind of test kits are you
> using for these measurements?
> I use Dupla test for all my measurements.

Ah heck, I have not seen or used them for what? Over ten years. Some one had
a complete kit. I don't recall them being as accurate as something like
Lamott but the cost a fair amount also from what I remember. It has been
awhile so I cannot be too sure.   KH/pH should be decent etc but NO3 is
funny. That and CO2 I tend to be anal about.
>> Do water changes weekly.Try adding a iron
>> tablet/ball under the plant.
> I do a 40% water change weekly (70% tap water,30% ro water to lower a bit
> the
> Hardness).

That's fine there. I've never found any correlation between hardness and
plant growth unless it was a non CO2 enriched tank. I have rock hard water
here, I use it straight.

> I don't think it could be an iron deficency though, i got laterite in the
> substrate and the amount of TMG should be enough for that trace elements.

Well that covers that base.
Even with laterite/flourite (whatever) you can have poor growth due to lack
of micro nutrients in the water column. At higher lighting and CO2 injection
this really cannot be avoided. Sounds like just some more K and traces is
all. Not much left to play with. Although at high light it is needed, it
will still help at lower light values also.

> Anyway, i don't do iron tests (since i don't get sintomps of iron deficency
> from the other plants and even if i would i don't think that those suggested
> fe values mean that much) so it could be.... but i prefer not to add more
> traces.

I'd do a water change to lower the NO3 down. If your using KNO3 try using it
at 1/4 teaspoon(1.67 grams) per 35 gallons 2-3 times a week and 1/2teaspoon
of K2SO4 once a week per 35 gallons of water.
Iron test are more a qualitative measurement that you look at the plants and
tell. I cannot say for certain what I am testing when I use even a nice test
kit. I know how much gives nice color and plant growth. I also know I can
push it pretty far if the NO3 are low and the CO2 is high, lights, K+, PO4
and have enough grazers.
Is 10mls in a 20 gallon 3x a week too much? I tried last week to see. No
problems. I usually add 5mls 3x a week to 20 gallons but all the rest is in
line also. Those tanks also have higher light than yours but I've tried it
on lower light tanks. The dosing does not seem to precise on lower light
values. Perhaps a little more for high light values.
>> It is a beautiful plant
> Indeed!! Didn't think it could be so challanging though!

It's not really. But I do think your adding pretty low micro nutrients. My
tanks are rich in most everything except NO3 which is 5ppm or so some fish
load. I add PO4 as well. The plant does very well in a variety of
This is a general range that all plants will thrive well in. There is not
one special trick plant. Some are less forgiving than others but if the tank
is well cared for and regular maintenance is preformed then they will not go
south and the other plants will do excellent also. You will find this out
all on your own later. You might read Neil's article on the stages of the
aquatic gardener on the Krib.

Tom Barr
> Regards,
> Francesco Cremonini
> Rome Italy