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AGA meeting

Well for anyone that missed this one, too bad. You missed out. Two green
thumbs up.
Wim did a superb job showing all the elements of a Dutch plant contest and
histories going back into the 1950's before thermostatic heaters. Very

 The _first_ Amano tank is now in place in the USA. I and many others found
Amano was warm, environmentally active, supported all the gals in the hobby
and like to joke and had much interest in what folks are up to here in the
USA and the native plants.

TN aquarium has one of the best layouts for an aquarium I've seen. Lot's of
native tanks.

I want to thank all of those that came that I did not personally thank. It
was nice to put a face to an email:) Thank you all for your kind comments.

Congrat's to all the winners of the AGA contest!

Thanks go out to the AGA committee than put this event on and Ms Nash for
her Herculean efforts, without them this would not have happened.
Tom Barr