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Re:limited tank

> My tank is limited by something that I can't figure out and I was wondering
> if you guys could help me. 30 gallon, 110 watt cf, co2 injected by
> pressurized bottle flourite substrate, pretty heavily planted with all easy
> fast growers, tank has been set up for about 6 months no3 5ppm, po4 .2 , 8dgh
> (equilibrium added at water change) ph 6.8, kh 4,I use seachem line of
> supplements. I was adding the recommended dosage of flourish for months,
> plants slowly grew less and less. I now add 4ml every three days thinking I
> was limited by trace elements and have been doing this for a couple weeks
> now. things seem to be somewhat improving but not the growth I used to have.
> I also been dosing with k2s04, which i never used to thinking that i might be
> limited by sulfer, about a 1/4 tsp at every water change (is this enough or
> too much?).


> My no3 isn't really being used- before I used to have to dose
> with kno3. I also dose the recommended amount of seachems K (should I be
> adding More?) Does anyone make a test kit for K and is it worth buying?

Yes and no in that order.

> also  just removed alot of my fish load to see if my no3 gets used up. any
> answers and suggestions to any of the questions would be helpful

I would bet you would see a drop in the NO3 if you add PO4 from some
inorganic source(H3PO4, KH2PO4 etc). 0.2ppm is low and some kits get funny
down at that range. Also if the other nutrients are in fact in those ranges
you .2ppm should be used up rapidly unless your feeding heavily/have high
fish loads etc. I would bet very strongly your tank is PO4 limited and
adding KH2PO4 would shop you a good result in both the NO3 drop and the over
all health of the plants within 1-2 days of adding it. If you wish to force
down NO3, add the other stuff(K,P Traces, CO2).

Tom Barr 
> Jeff Vamos
> Cessnabum1 at aol_com