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55 gallon tank 4 sale Seattle Area

I have tank for sale in the Seattle are if anyone is

This is a slightly used 55-gallon glass tank, with a
black cast iron stand. The tank is currently all set
up and has a Ebo-Jager 200 Watt heater and and 160
total Watts of lighting in two hoods (2 double x 40W)
and a Magnum 350 Cannister filter (<1 month old).
Included is a complete high pressure co2 system (a la
Gomberg) with a full 20lbs. tanks (not sold
separatly). The asking price includes a mostly
flourite substrate and some decent lives plants
(ammania gracilis, java fern, nice anubias nana, some
bogwood, nice small swords, more) and fish (a school
of 10+ cardinal tetras, dwarf indian botia, 3 SAE,
etc.) I will break the tank down and help you load it
but it cannot be shipped. I live in the North Seattle
area and you would need to pick it up here. Serious
inquiries only. Complete. Cash only please. Contact me
offline if you are interested. $500 obo

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