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Re: really, I am setting up a micro-tank

"kidt cordry" wrote:

>I am going to put a 3 inch fish in a 1 gal pickle jar with plants and I do 
want >to rig a co2 line. The only tech on the tank is the air stone. No other
>filtration except the plants, cold water (room temp), sunlit, hand full of 
>litter clay on bottom.

My introduction to aquariums was via an "Aquababies" tank, which measures 
about 4" x 4" x 4.5", and granted I didn't know boo about keeping fish at that 
time, it certainly taught me a lot - including the futility of keeping such 
tiny tanks, despite the bonsai type lure of such a miniaturised and portable 

I even had it as a planted tank for about 6 months with a soil + gravel 
substrate; my next biggest tank is a System 3 Eclipse, which is 3 gal.  My 
advice would be to go to at least that size, smaller is horribly unstable - 
just a bit extra fish food one day is enough to tip the balance into negative, 
and you do want to keep your fish in good shape, not horribly stressed, I take 
it!  (I initially had a pair of wild type guppies, and later zebra danio 
babies in the Aquababies tiny tank - they all got moved to a bigger tank 
pretty soon!)

Also, I think the CO2 would make the instability worse - better just to have 
it as a low tech tank, with some means of water circulation and to try to 
remove some of the mulm as it develops, ie a small filter with ditchable 
filter material.  And lots of water changes!  And airstone is a start, a 
little filter would be even better, especially if you get a bit bigger tank.

Kind regards,

Susi Barber