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Re: American-flag fish aggression

Roger Miller wrote:

> Cathy Hartland, are you reading?  You reported that your American-Flag
> fish were perfectly mild-mannered.  What are your tank conditions?

I had not reported earlier because all my test kits are at work for a 
new tank I've set up. It's been awhile since I tested the flag fish 
tank, but it usually runs around KH=4 and pH = 6.8 - 7.0. CO2 
injected, heavily planted, well-lit. Moderate to heavy stocking of 
tank - other residents are: one SAE, 5 corydoras hastatus, 4 cory 
pygmaeus, 1 aspidoras pauciradiatus, 3 ancient rummynose 
tetras, 7 gold tetras, 9 rasbora hengeli, 2 flag fish, one wood 
shrimp that I haven't seen since I put it in the tank a month ago. 
There is some algae in the tank for them to nibble, but not very 
much. I feed them tetramin tabs, shrimp pellets and the occasional 
grindal worms - they don't go to the surface to eat. 

Honest, they are the most timid fish in the tank. They bother no 
one. They sometimes nibble the micranthemum, for which I am 
grateful. The male is more timid than the female - he waits for her 
to probe the area for safety before he'll come out. They have not 
mated, to my knowledge. I haven't a clue why some people have so 
much trouble with them.

Cathy Hartland