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Re: American-flag fish agression

Gabriella Kadar wrote:

> So is it possible that this fish is just irritated by the conditions present
> in some planted CO2 injected tanks?

Let's suppose for a moment that this is true.  Most of us want to set
the conditions in our tanks to suit plants and tropical fish.  If those
conditions turn American-Flag fish into aggressive little monsters, then
shouldn't we just label the fish as "inappropriate for the typical
planted aquarium?"

Few people have reported their pH, KH, GH etc, so we don't really have a
clue whether or not J. floridae's temperment varies with water
conditions, or whether their tendency to damage plants varies with water
conditions.  To further complicate the answer, many (most?) people who
have had problems with J. floridae no longer have the fish, and it may
be hard for them to say just what the conditions were at the time.

For my part, I keep them by themselves in a heavily planted,
CO2-fertilized tank.  They breed periodically, so I guess they aren't
*too* irritated.  I don't have a clue about the pH.  I stopped measuring
some time ago, but the lowest I've ever measured in my tanks is about
7.4.  Temperature is 80 degrees, KH is around 8 degrees and GH is about
2 degrees.  When I tried putting guppies in there the J. floridae turned
out to be pretty bad fin-nippers. They also tear up small plants.

Cathy Hartland, are you reading?  You reported that your American-Flag
fish were perfectly mild-mannered.  What are your tank conditions?

Roger Miller