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20W 5000K compact fluro over a 10L tank - good idea ? :)

time to change the compact fluro on th elittle 10L planted tank I setup for
my girlfriend.  Its very low tech - no CO2 injection, no Nutrient
Supplementation (except for two swordtails which live in there), no Filter.
All it has in it is some lilaeopsis, ambulia, ammania, and Crypt. Parva.
Now my question to all you is what watt light should I get. It had a 9W over
it but this time I can basically get hold of up to 20W bulbs for the same
price (5000K just screw into a normal light socket).  What should I do ?
will this huge amount of light over such a little tank lead to its demise
via algae ?

I want this tank to be fairl low maintenance except for trimming thriving
plants and doing the odd water change...  What do you suggest ? should I
setup a low light low maintenace tank with just low light plants - anubias
etc ?

Thanks in advance

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia