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Few little handy things I found for all you Australians on the list

1.  If you need a reflective material for the inside of a hood go with
reflective mylar.  You can get it from hydroponics shops.. Today I picked up
a 2 x 2 m roll (I suspect theres much more than that) at a hydro shop for
$10 Aus ! :)  All you need to do is cut it to size and spray glue it on..
voila !

2.  At the same hydroponics shop they were selling heating pads for $60
which they use for germination. I asked the dude about them and he said they
keep the susbstrate at about 10 degrees above room temperature but do not
exceed 28 degrees.. sounds idea for the 1ft cube tank I am setting up.

3.  Get pottasium nitrate from farm shops such as rural traders.. Chemists
overcharge heats (eg. chemist 500g - $15.. rural traders - pure KNO3 -
25kg - $30 :) share it around and trade it with all your plant buddies :)
theyll love ya for it

well thats about it ! Sorry if I am saying things that have been said before
but I just wanted to share some of the things I have found along the way to
save a lil money here and there :)

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia