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Bearded Algae problems

    I have a serious infestation of what appears to be "Bearded Algae".
Almost all of my plants seem to be covered with what appears to be
dark-coloured long hairy algae growing from the edges of the leaves. These
plants (i.e. many varieties such as swords, moss, cryp, etc.) are in a 90
gal. community aquarium. On the recommendation of the local pet store I have
been feeding my plants on a regular weekly schedule. This seems to benefit
the algae more than the plants, lately.  The store recommended I purchase
some "Flying Foxes" so I did. Unfortunately, I could only get one as the
store as them on order. This fish does not seem to be making a dent in the
growth. Is he over matched, by himself, or have I been given some bad
advice. How many should I get? Is there any other way of sopping and
ultimately preventing this growth. I am just about to give up on live
plants. I hate plastic plants but maybe I have no alternative.
    I would appreciate any assistance or advice on this major problem.
Jerry from hamilton