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Re: Nymphaea

FWIW since I don't know if my Nymphaea is the same species.

About 3 yrs. ago shortly after I set up and cycled my 125 gallon I
bought a Nymphaea at the LFS. It had a few small, short pretty leaves.
Shortly after I planted it it was sending up pads at an astonishing
rate. 5-6" in diameter. This was in the days before I knew squat about
aquatic plant care. No CO2 or fertilizer and carbon in my filters.  And
poor lighting(150watts). It grew like this for over a year and I had to
prune at least 4-5 pads a week to keep it from totally covering half the
surface of the tank.

For reasons best left unmentioned I let weekly water changes and other
maintenance lapse. Before long the lily along with most other plants
faded. I assumed it had died. When I resumed maintenance I even cleaned
out some of the dead junk in the substrate where it was. Months later,
after I started CO2 injection  I noticed a tiny, tiny little leaf in the
same area. A few weeks later it is healthy and putting out vigourous
gorgeous bronzy submersed leaves. I expect pads eventually. Not only
that, there is another one coming up about a foot away that is sending
up small pads to the surface.  How did that happen? 

It never bloomed previously, but who knows? With the proper amount of
light maybe this time?