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Re: beard algae


It would be very helpful if you would give some
specifics about your tank.  Something is out of
balance, but we can't tell just what.  Some people
here can probably help you more with this than I can,
but they need to know too.  

 I had this stuff bad about a year ago.  You're right,
it's a nasty one.  But you CAN get rid of it.  I did. 
The single most important thing is to not give up. 
I'm so glad I kept my planted tank.  In my case, I
think that more potassium and a better water
reconstitution recipe made the difference.  More co2
helped as well.  I'll try to think of more specifics
myself, because my memory is a bit cloudy on this
subject.  I guess this is a good reason to keep a log.

Nothing eats beard algae.  It sounds like your store
is confusing the flying fox with the Siamese Algae
Eater, and beard algae with black brush algae.  

One thing I found that helps with algae is to divide
your nutrient suppliments and things over the week
instead of all at once. 

Good luck, 

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