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Light calculations & plant donations.

Hello all,

Well my 37G tank has been in operation for almost 4 weeks now, and I must
say it is coming along quite nicely.
I found a few plants that do well under the conditions in my tank, and I'm
quite pleased with the growth so far.

I have a question to pose to the group, seeing how there are so many
experts, I am trying to calculate the amount of light actually hitting the
substrate in watts.  anyone remember the formula for this, I had it at one
point in a text file archived, but I reorganized my files, kind of like when
my wife reorganizes the office, and well I can't find it now.  There is a
formula of amount of light droppage per square foot of water depth if I'm
not mistaken.  I think it is given in Lumens, instead of watts, but this is
easily converted.  My tank is 20" Deep and has 40Watts of light, I am trying
to figure out exactly how much light in watts hits the substrate.  Any help
would be great.

I have not been able to find anywhere documented, online or otherwise the
type of fluorescent that comes factory with the Eclipse 3 Hood.  I
think....they are 2- 15w (24") tubes, but I am not sure on their power. Does
anyone have an Eclipse Hood, and had better luck with different bulbs or are
the factory ok?  They are T8 tubes, I am going to get something abit more
powerful, and I need a recommendation on 2 bulbs.  T8 size 24" bulbs, for
maximum plant growth, and for Fish colors,  What would be the best bulbs for
this type of application?

Also, I  was sent a link through the list on a supplier for upgrade kits for
the Eclipse 3 hood to convert to Compact Fluorescent.  Has anyone done this
with any success? Here is the link to the retrofit kit:

Although the plants are all healthy and growing quite well, I would like to
determine if I can add some Riccia to the bottom of the tank as a substrate
plant.  The foreground is abit bare, and The Anubias var. nana I have are
slow growers, I am looking for something that will fill in and grow, any
suggestions for plants that can handle 1-1.5 watts per gallon and good for
substrate cover?  Baby Tears?  Riccia?  Hairgrass?  How much light do these
need in order to grow moderately well, I don't expect or need supernatural
growth..just steady growth, and good health.
Any suggestions?

If anyone has any specimens that are becoming abit much for your tank, I am
having a VERY hard time locating some of these locally.  If anyone wants to
donate some foreground plants I would be appreciative. (I'll of course pay
for shipping)  If you do please send me an e-mail offline.