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Temporarily moving tanks

*	Sylvia wrote"
*	I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on temporarily moving tanks
for a re-carpeting day. I have 3 tanks set up in the living room. A 55
gallon tank on a wooden stand, and a 29 gallon sitting atop an iron stand,
with a 20 gallon below it. All three have to be removed temporarily in May
for re-carpeting. The installers won't touch fish tanks. All are heavily
planted, with accompanying deep gravel levels. I'd really much prefer not to
go ripping out plants to remove gravel as well as water, yet I realize the
gravel contributes significantly to the weight of the tanks. Actually, if I
could leave a few inches of water, the fish and the plants I'd be really
happy, but I realize that may not be feasible. Any ideas? Maybe I should
just have them skip that area ;-) 
*	Sylvia "

Hi Sylvia,

Even with a 4-5" layer of gravel you can safely move a 55 gallon tank while
on the stand. Keep the tank on the stand to reduce the stress that the added
weight of the gravel and plants will place as it is being moved.  Remove
fish and any rocks, driftwood etc, and drain the water as far down as
possible. You could try leaving a little bit of water and keeping the fish
in the tank but there are 2 potential problems. The first is obvious....it
may be to heavy for you or the tanks seals. The second potential problem is
that if for some reason the installation is delayed the fish won't have any
circulation or heat. If you go this route have an extra air pump and
remember to move the heater if necessary.   

 You don't need to move it to far if they are just recarpeting. Just enough
to get it out of the way so you should be fine. It will be heavy but 2
relatively strong people can easily do it.  Drain the 20 down and move it
carefully by itself then do the same to the 29 (move on the stand) as you
did to the 55 . I usually keep the fish in either buckets or a clean garbage
can that is used for water changes with aeration and heat. Good luck!

Larry Lampert
Dallas, TX