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Re: Water Turbulence

Hi Mandy:

It's possible to reduce the turbulence from an Aquaclear power filter by 
filling the water in the tank until it is as level as possible with the 
output of the filter.  In other words, fill the tank as high as you can to 
reduce the waterfall from the output.

It might -- and I emphasize "might" because I don't know -- be more 
efficient to feed your CO2 into the intake siphon of the Aquaclear, which is 
what I do.  I cut the end of the CO2 tube at an angle and then friction fit 
it between the bars that are at the very bottom end of the siphon tube.  I 
also add in another piece of sponge media into the filter, not only to get 
more filtration, but also to trap the CO2 longer in the filter to give it a 
better chance to get dissolved.  If you do this, you may be able to get rid 
of the powerhead into which you now feed CO2 and get rid of the turbulence 
from that device.

If you bother to switch your CO2 feed from the power head to the filter, do 
report back on any changes in effectiveness!

Chin See Ming
Portland, OR
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