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Re: Sodium

In a message dated 03/18/2001 2:51:39 PM Central Standard Time, Tom Barr 

> Well, yer from Texas so we'll let it go this time:)
And yer not, so I'll let THAT go. This time. :-)
> Black out for 3-4 days, Micro filtration is not working so you might try UV
> sterilizer say a 5 watt Tetra or a 4 or 8 watt Aquanetics which will be
> cheaper and just hook up a powerhead to the input side. 

Oh, goody. Another gadget.

> Hook up the Diatom(is it a Magnum cartiage?

No, a System 1. I have used the Magnum cartridge thataway, though.

>  so let it clog up a bit or stir some mulm up into the filter before letting
>  it work on the GW. Leave it on in addition to what your doing.)

Can't leave the System 1 on longer than four hours or it overheats. Would it 
be better to use the Magnum, then?
>  Your CO2 is too low and I suspect your filtration is too slow/no surface
>  turnover/movement etc. For your 30 all you'd need to do is use a Hagen 150
>  or something. That would mix your CO2 better/more consistent without 
>  fish. Some slight CO2 loss is okay. When your CO2 goes south (down) or 
>  movement slows, you get GW. It's okay to have surface movement. Let your
>  filter move the surface some.

I think I accidently did this. The Hot Magnum disturbs the water surface, so 
I increased the CO2 to compensate. I was afraid of this, so I have been doing 
it very gradually. Only this weekend did I finally reach a pH of 6.8. But if 
I disturb the water surface, and then add more CO2, do I really have a net 
gain of CO2? I mean, are the fish gasping because of too much CO2, or not 
enough circulation, surface or otherwise?

Thanks, Tom.

Cheryl Hofmann
Oak Point, TX