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electronic metal halide ballast

It appears that Icecap has recently? modified their metal halide ballasts
(250 watt for Iwasaki 6500K bulb) and it no longer overdrives the bulb.

 I just picked up and read the new article Tom Barr suggested in Marine Reef
magazine comparing the Iwasaki, Blueline and tar ballast.  The Iwasaki
appears to be more efficient but nothing was mentioned about the on-going
problems I've heard about from both electronic ballasts.   Specifically, the
Blueline interferes with X-10 controllers and causes snow on the TV and
Icecap flickers.

Anyone tried the new Icecap?

Also, if one purchases and has non-resolvable issues with either, how well
does Champion and Icecap stand behind their products?

Daphne in Atlanta (where it is sleeting on the first day of spring!)