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Re: RO water again

In a message dated 03/18/2001 2:51:39 PM Central Standard Time, Ching See 
Ming wrote:

<<< Sulfate (SO4) mg/L                  41.8        69.9        73.3

<< Would this be higher than desireable for fish?  And wouldn't it result in 
 stinky beer?  My memory of East Texas water is that it's not every palatable 
 and that lots of people have filters, bottled water etc. >>

I don't know. I always thought that sulfate was one of those minerals that 
didn't really matter either way. I think you are right about East Texas 
water, but you have to remember that Texas is a BIG place. The difference 
between the Oak Point water, where I live, and Denton water, 30 miles away, 
is staggering. From the plants' perspective, anyway.

Anyone? Anyone?