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Re: Your comments on my inquiry to AH Supply

Either config will supply enough light for even the most light-demanding
plants. I use around 2.5 watt/gal in T8s and grow cabomba, ludweigia, etc
without problem. If it were me, I'd save a few bucks and go with the 2x96 in
5000. I dont think the coverage issues are significant in your setup. The
light will be "visible" to the plants wherever you plant them. There will be
shaded areas as the plants grow larger anyway, unless you grow only short
ground covers. In fact, that much light will melt some plants unless you do
have shade.

Dan Dixon

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> From:    Douglas Guynn [SMTP:dguynn at nwol_net]
> Sent:    Saturday, March 10, 2001 4:18 AM
> To:    'info at ahsupply_com'
> Subject:    Your recommendations, please
> I have a 70 gallon 48L x 18W x 18D.
> Using the Brite Kits, how much light do I need for a planted aquarium. I am
> aware of the 3 to 4 watts per gallon rule common in the hobby. Using the
> reflectors you provide should cut this down some.
> My first guess was the 2 x 96 kit would probably be adequate. This would
> result in 192 actual watts over the tank. Using the 162% figure from your
> website, this would be equivalent to 311 watts. This results in 4.4 watts
> per gallon.
> Second guess was one 4 x 55 kit. This results in 220 watts, or 356 watts
> equivalent, 5.1 watts/gallon.
> The difference would be coverage. The 2 x 96 watt kit would install with
> the back bulb on one side (left or right) of the hood, and the front bulb
> on the other side. This may result in dark spots in the corners where there
> is no bulb, as the bulb is 12 inches shorter than the hood. I could mount
> the bulbs in the center of the length of the hood, leaving a 6 inch gap on
> both ends
> The 4 x 55 watt kit would install with one bulb front left, one front
> right, one rear left, and one rear right. The 21 inch bulbs would leave a 5
> inch gap in the center of the tank. As above, I could move the bulbs one or
> two inches from the end, leaving a smaller gap in the center, with an
> equally small gap at the ends.
> Is the corner/end coverage issue a significant concern? Which setup would
> you recommend?