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Splitting Apon. bulbs?/ Picture taking recap.

I started a major replant of my tank yeaterday and when i pulled up my 3 
apon. crispus bulbs i noticed that one of them had leaves comming out of 
each end? has anyone seen this before? I've never heard of it happening 
before. should i split the bulb or just leave it as is? Also, i haven't had 
time to follow the photo thread and nobody ever keeps the same subject line 
which makes it even harder to follow. So... could somebody plaese give me a 
recap on it? I am using a pentax manual focus camera With various screw-on 
lenses. i use the aquarium lights/ dark room setup to take my pics. I also 
use the built-in light meter on the camera to adjust the apature and shutter 
speed. I make sure i clean the glass good (inside and out) before i take my 
pics. I don't use a flash either. You can see some pics on my website that 
didn't come out all that well. http://www.planted-aquarium.com Thanks in 

Ryan Duff
Webmaster, http://www.planted-aquarium.com
duffy730 at hotmail_com or,
webmaster at planted-aquarium_com
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