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Re: Ich in planted tank with invertebrates

Hi Bob,

I have safely used Quick Cure in a planted tank with amano shrimp and
tetras, etc.  I used it at half-dosage as recommended.  I have read that it
is not recommended to increase the temperature in the tank, as it will only
stress the fish even more.  You shouldn't need to darken the tank either.  I
think what would be of benefit, is to add a small amount of freshwater
aquarium salt to the tank (sorry I can't remember how much I added), as this
will tend to soothe the fish's itching.  I don't know how badly your fish
are infected; I was lucky enough to notice it very early and it took only a
couple of doses.  I did 10% water changes every day for several days along
with the treatment.

As far as the silicone turning blue, I don't think that can be avoided.
You'll just have to live with that!

Good luck!