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KNO3 question

 Hello all,

I'm considering dosing KNO3 for the first time.  I've been using Dupla
base every water change and Dupla24 daily but I still think that I have
nutrient deficiencies. My Nitrate levels are low, around 1 ppm, and the
tank is missing the lush green colors that I want. My amazon sword and my
crypts are developing irregular, wavy, asymetircal new leaves. 

My CO2  level is around 15-20 mg/L, KH: 5.
29 gal tank, 60W 

My two main questions are these:

What's up with the Dupla fertilizers? Does anyone know if there is a
nitrate or K source in there already?  If so, what do you think about
dosing KNO3 while using the Dupla regiment? Some general comments about
KNO3 dosing would be appreciated. 

Also, It was suggested to me to experiment with MgSO4.  Could anyone
comment on Magnesium in general and it's importance in planted tanks?  My
GH is middle of the road, around 8 somewhere, although I don't have an
accurate test kit for that yet. What are some typical signs of a Mg

thanks in advance and it's great to know you guys are out there,

Craig Wuepper