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Re: Ich in planted tank with invertebrates

Bob <bob at a51web_net> wrote:

> What can I use to treat the tank?  Is the malachite green safe to use,
> or will it kill the shrimps and snails?  What about its reputation for
> permanently staining the tank seams?  The label has no useful
> information.

Bob, I've used it many times in the past. I've never lost any shrimp 
or snails due to the medicine. Use half of the prescribed dosage on 
the bottle, which should be someting like 1 drop/ 2 gallons. I use it 
initially, then again after two days. After a couple more days, a 30-
50% water change will clean things up. The formalin/malachite 
green breaks down in the presence of light, so it's pretty much 
gone on it's on in a few days. I've never had it stain anything but my 
fingers. Don't put it directly on the sealant and you shouldn't have a 
problem. The ich may linger for several days, but it should 

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC