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Re: Ich in planted tank with invertebrates

> i wouldn't screw around with malachite green if you have inverts . . . i 
> once added some amano shrimp to a tank that was undergoing treatment for 
> ich, using seachem's paraguard ("with a synergistic blah blah of malachite 
> green) and the shrimp immediately went into paroxysms of agony . . . i 
> removed the malachite green with carbon, and used salt (1 tbsp per 5~6 
> gallons) . . . and i have not looked back since . . . the plants didn't 
> seem affected by the salt . . . on the contrary, they were still bubbling . 
> . . but i'm sure it's not good to have too much salt . . . just dilute it 
> with water changes after a few weeks, just to be sure no more ich exists . . .

I added 2 tablespoons of rock salt to my filter this morning (10 gallon
aquarium), and within 5 minutes the mollies were obviously feeling
better.  They had been lethargic except for occasional "flashing",
swimming with kind of a "shimmy", not eating, and had lots of white
specks.  Now they were swimming almost normally around in the filter
outflow.  When I got home from work, the mollies were acting normal
except for occasional flashing (but much less than before), they had a
lot less white specks, and they were hungry.  All the shrimps and snails
and plants were OK. The plecostamus that had introduced the ich in the
first place was almost dead.  The change in osmotic pressure had dried
him up like a mummy.  All of his white specks were gone, but he could
hardly move, and the shrimps were attacking him.  I moved him to a fruit
jar with unsalted water from a different aquarium to rehydrate him, and
he died an hour or so later. :-(  I haven't flushed him yet, cuz maybe
he's just playing possum and will revive overnight, but I doubt it.

I will keep the tank brackish for a couple of weeks.  If the mollies'
white specks don't disappear in another day or two, I will treat them
with half-strength malachite green.

Best regards,

"I have seen the future and it is just like the present, only longer."
 --Kehlog Albran