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Another KH question

I have been using RO water to change about 30% every fortnight in my 90
gallon tank.  I use Seachem Equilibrium to reconstitute it (which I limit
somewhat because I don't want to raise GH too much), then Seachem Alkaline
Buffer and Acid Buffer to bring the KH and PH to where I want it.  I know I
need to get the KH to at least 4 or higher, so I tinker with the buffers
until I reach the right KH and the desired PH of about 6.4 - 6.8.  But
invariably when I check the KH several days later it has fallen
considerably, usually to around 2.  So I tinker with the buffers once more,
and again the KH will fall.  By that time, the two weeks have passed and it
is time to change water again.  BTW, I do inject CO2 if that makes any

I know Tom Barr is going to tell me to lose the RO water.   :-)
Nonetheless, I have two questions:

1)  Why is the KH falling like this?

2)  Is there anything I can do about it (without eliminating RO entirely,
Tom :-) and not tinker so much with the buffers?  

Thanks so much!

Neil Anderson