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Re: off topic (cameras)

> Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:06:41 -0600
> From: Cameron <ccase22 at mail_com>
> Subject: off topic (cameras)
> This is off topic, but you folks would know more about this than anyone
> else I could ask.  Would a polarized filter help cut down on some tank
> glare?  I understand all the other steps (I think), but would a product
> like this http://www.cameratraders.com/cat/h/013pl.html help any? Its
> only $25.

Generally, it is of little help, as only light striking the glass at near 45
degrees is polarized enough to be substantially blocked. There's not enough
of that in normal fish photography.

Clean the glass, inside and out, and use a remote flash or light source so
it doesn't bounce straight back at you from the front glass. [On-camera
flash is a big no-no.]

IMHO, everything about the design of modern point-and-shoot cameras is wrong
for fish photography. For those who disagree, I have a wonderful Ricoh RDC-1
with gobs of accessories for sale cheap (originally it was over $3000!).


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