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Re: Help!! My kH and pH took a nose dive when I added plants

Okay, are you ready, you wonderful experts?

Yesterday I got my very first plant order.  I drained my tank, pulled out the 
gravel (left a little) put in rinsed Flourite, and replanted the tank, which 
is now very full of plants.  Apparently I did not rinse the Flourite well 
enough because the tank was so cloudy you couldn't see the back.  This 
morning I cleaned the Fluval 304, and it was pretty grubby.  The water is 
better, but still white cloudy.  My pH had been 7.0 and my kH was 7-9, and I 
was pretty happy with that. I have DIY CO2.  Now all of the sudden, my new pH 
is 6.8 and my kH is only 2!!  Why?  Do I do anything about it?  There is a 
film on the water surface too.  Is it dangerous to add my fish back in?  They 
are all crammed into a 10 gallon, so I can't leave them there forever. Thanks 
in advance,